What Are the Main Hodgkin's Lymphoma Symptoms?

Hodgkin's lymphoma is a type of lymphoma characterized by the presence of Reed-Sternberg cells. These cells are seen in lymphocytes, particularly the T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes which are types of WBC's. Lymphocytes are part of your body's immune system, so it would be natural to have problems in fighting infections when you have lymphoma.

When a person has Hodgkin's lymphoma, one major sign is having an enlarged, non-tender, rubbery lymph node located at the neck, armpit, chest, or groin. However, some note presence of pain when alcohol is consumed. Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms can also include difficulty of breathing, chest pain, or persistent cough due to a lymph node that is pressing on the air passages or lungs.

Other Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms are unexplained weight loss, unexplained fever, and night sweats. Fatigue can result due to anemia brought about by a weakened production and storage of RBC in the bone marrow and spleen respectively. Three Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms are called "B symptoms" which are weight loss, persistent fever, and night sweats. The presence of these symptoms is used when staging the disease and to determine just how aggressive the treatment would be.

Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms can happen in any stages of the disease. However, most types of Hodgkin's lymphoma manifest Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms when the disease is already at Stage III and Stage IV. This is why it is important to undergo biopsy and other tests to confirm the presence of lymphoma so proper treatment can be given to help fight the disease. A swollen lymph node may indicate just a simple infection, but if it lasts for more than two weeks without any sign of decreasing in size, an appointment with a doctor is a must.

Treatment can range from radiotherapy, chemotherapy, to bone marrow transplant. Never miss a treatment regimen and always maintain your regular check up so you and your doctor will know if the treatment is effective or needs modification. High chance of survival is noted in treating Hodgkin's lymphoma no matter what stage it was diagnosed, so never lose hope and join a support group to help you cope with the disease.

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