What is Lymphoma

When you're not feeling well, you take assessment as to what's wrong with you. Your throat is scratchy, you have a headache or a fever or perhaps you're nauseas and throwing up. You can easily say what is wrong with you based on your symptoms. When symptoms persist or become worse, a trip to the doctor is probably necessary. It could easily be just a stubborn infection that requires antibiotics or something a little more serious. Either way, it's good to get a diagnosis so that whatever's wrong can be treated right away. Lymphoma is a disease that may start of as harmless symptoms and easily brushed off as nothing but you wouldn't want to let this go to long because the sooner you're able to have this disease diagnosed, the better able you will be cured.

Lymphoma is cancer of the lymphatic system. You have glands or nodes all over your body and these glands are connected to the vessels that carry your white blood cells or lymphatic fluid throughout your blood stream which help to fight off disease in the body. White blood cells act as a barrier to bacteria and toxins that enter the body through the air, our food and water and even through germs we expose ourselves to every day. The glands of the lymphatic system are all connected on a track and this track is circulated throughout the body at each gland stop, like a train station. When cancer strikes a gland in the system it is easily able to spread to all the other glands by hitching a ride on the white blood cells. Now you think that the white blood cells could fight it off, right? Well, if you are someone that may have a weak immune system, your white blood cells may not be able to fight them off faster than they can multiply.

Lymphoma can come in two ways, one is called Hodgkin's lymphoma and the other is non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Hodgkin's lymphoma is the cancer that can spread from one lymph node to another. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is a whole different category of cancer with over 30 distinguishable characteristics to diagnose. Non-lymphoma is more difficult to diagnose and finding the right treatment is a long process but once diagnosed and treated effectively, a person could live a long time. There is no cure for Hodgkin's Lymphoma or non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma but there are treatment out there that are very promising depending on the rate at timeline the cancer is growing. Early detection is so important for these types of cancers as symptoms are outward in nature by way of noticing swollen glands in the neck, underarm and groin and weight loss as well as fatigue and a general feeling of unrest.

Someone who may have a low-grade form of lymphoma will experience having slow growing cancer and thus will not have as obvious of symptoms as the more relevant faster growing lymphomas. Slow growing lymphomas are more difficult to treat because they have a higher probability of growing back. The only treatment at this time is chemotherapy and radiation and doing this type of treatment long-term can cause a lot of other issues not related to the cancer itself.

If you feel your glands are larger than normal or sore to the touch, please have it checked out to be on the safe side. Lymphoma is not something to mess around with.

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